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November 9, 2011 / Dan

The Fair 2011

I don’t know why Jess loves the fair so much, but she does. And that’s great with me. As many of my idiosyncrasies as she puts up with, I can put up with a wife who’s fanatical about one week a year.

Rabun and Jess on the Carousel

We’re lucky enough to live very close to the Georgia National Fair, so we can go a lot. The fair was in town for 11 days; Jessica was there for 10 of them and I was present for for 9 of them.

Luckily our kids love the fair, too. And we get to spend a lot of time with family and friends. Here are some highlights from this year’s fair.

Rabun got to hold an alligator.

Rabun Holding a Gator

Elle enjoyed all the sights sounds and people watching.

Elle at the Fair

We met Rosie the dairy cow, who Rabun insists that we’ll see next year at the fair.

Rosie the Dairy Cow

I got to meet both the Obamas.

Me with the Obamas

Jake and Judd got to ride the sheep and did excellent.

Jake and Judd

Rabun got to spend a fun night with friends.

Rabun with Friends

And we all had a blast as a family.

Jess and Elle

Me and Rabun

We can’t wait until next year’s fair, it will be October 4–14.


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