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July 18, 2011 / Dan


Each year for family vacation, we spend a week with my family at my mom and dad’s lake house on Jackson Lake in Jackson, Ga. With nine adults and twelve kids, it’s a whole lot of craziness and a whole lot of fun.

The Whole Crew

This year, Rabun and Elle both enjoyed playing in the lake. Rabun was very brave and jumped into the lake repeatedly from the dock and even let people throw her into the air and then splash down. She loves the water and wonders why she can’t take off her swimmies.

Rabun Playing on the Beach

Not only was she a big fan of swimming, but she also wanted to ride the tube every chance she got. The faster and bumpier it was, the more she liked the ride.


Elle also enjoyed playing in the water, but of course isn’t as ambitious as Rabun. We’ve got plenty of time to get her used to it.

Elle in the Water

Elle also enjoyed playing outside with Jessica on a picnic blanket. Jessica and I are thrilled that both our girls love to play outside.

Elle with a Toy Car

Of course, there’s more to family vacation than just the water and the outdoors. There’s cousins! And boy do we have cousins. But we love playing with them. It’s great to have a big family; Jessica and I hope our girls appreciate having plenty of friends on family vacation.

Girls and Mom

Jack & Elizabeth

Samuel and Rabun

Sadie Grace

We had a great family vacation. It was refreshing to get away for a little while and spend some quality time with my brother, sisters, mom and dad, the in-laws, all the kids, Rabun, Elle, and Jessica.

Rabun and Elle

For more pictures of the vacation, check out my flickr photoset for tons of pictures.


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