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July 9, 2011 / Dan


In our house, we have the concept of a “birthday week”. Everyone has a birthday, but we have birthday weeks. The week surrounding your birthday is full of celebration, fun & getting out of things you don’t want to do. In order to help spread this to our kids, we spread Rabun’s birthday celebrations out over a few days.

On her actual birthday, she got to where her “wedding dress” (a dress she wore as a flower girl in a recent wedding). But perhaps what she enjoyed most on her birthday was a chance encounter with a famous restaurant mascot.

Birthday Girl at Chick-fil-A

She also got to open a gift from us: a frilly apron so that she can help me cook.

An Apron for Her Birthday

We visited my parents the next day and she opened their gift, a few dresses she has been wearing out since.

New Dresses for Birthday

And from Jessica’s folks a couple days later she received an assortment of wonderfully girly things that included a new Tinkerbell nightgown.

New Tinkerbell Nightgown

For her actual party, we had a full house of family and friends over for some outdoor water play. We borrowed a large blow up water slide from my parents that was a huge hit among the kids.

Blowup Waterslide

Rabun managed to blow out all the candles on her Rapunzel cake.

After Blowing Out the Candles

Elle had a blast and participated in the party, too.

Elle Eating Birthday Cake

And despite the fact that it wasn’t quite dark enough, we lit a couple of floating lanterns to celebrate.

Floating Lantern

Then she opened some more presents, including a new Spiderman bike helmet from me and Jess. (Rabun loves Spiderman, which makes the geek and the dad in me happy.)

New Bike Helmet

Her birthday was amazing. A great celebration for a girl turning three and we enjoyed sharing it with all the family and friends that participated. Thanks everyone!


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  1. Kelly T. / Jul 9 2011 7:55 pm

    Those pixie french braids are exactly why I want a little girl. Looks like fun was had by all! What a great birthday/week!

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