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July 6, 2011 / Dan


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” So this will be the longest post I’ve ever written. Here’s some pictures that tell the story of the last few months.

Rabun finally got the point of an Easter Egg Hunt; good thing too, cause we had many to attend.

Running for Eggs

Elle hasn’t quite caught on to the whole idea yet, but she enjoyed hanging out with my parents while Rabun hunted.

Elle with My Dad

Elle with My Mom

It’s always great celebrating Easter with family.

Easter Sunday

Rabun has enjoyed playing at my parents house a lot since they moved back from Atlanta, they have some special toys she enjoys.

Driving the Tractor

Elle’s personality has really started to blossom. She’s our smiley girl. We can’t wait to celebrate her First Birthday later in July.

Elle Grinning

Happy Girl

During the spring and summer months, Rabun and Elle both have enjoyed playing outside.

With Her New Spiderman Bike Helmet

Crawling Outside

Hope you enjoyed these many words on what’s been up in our life recently.


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