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June 10, 2011 / jessicalynn

VBS Kickin’ It Old School

This past week has been crazy busy but a ton of fun. Rabun was allowed to be in a Pre-K group for VBS this year and loved every minute of it.

As a mom it is great to see your child learning great biblical truths such as:

  • Snakes are really bad. Worms are good though.
  • That snake in the tree was not nice to Adam and Eve. He was not telling the truth. They ate some stuff off a tree.
  • Jesus had to move a rock.
  • The bad guy took baby Moses from Jesus.

As you can tell we have a few kinks to iron out about the Bible and all it has to teach us, but she really did learn a lot. I am so grateful to all the many volunteers. It is such a blessing to be part of an incredible church family.

Rabun was so happy to have one of her sweet cousins in her group. She and Luke are tight.

Not to be forgotten was sweet baby Elle. She had her own personal assistant all week in the form of one of our sweet youth workers, Miss Tiffany. She loved it, at one point I was concerned that she might not want to come home.


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