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March 17, 2011 / jessicalynn


Let’s begin on Wednesday, March 16, at noon. My Aunt Linda from Oklahoma just left the house in my car headed to go see my Mom in an Augusta hospital. I make sandwiches for lunch, all is well. Rabun gets to watch Cinderella before nap. Elle goes down in the middle of the movie, I put Rabun in bed after it is over. No sleep came to my dear two year old, 3:30 hit, I let her get out of bed. Around 4:30, Elle gets up and we decide to play in her room for a bit. At some point Rabun thought it would be fun to use the trash can as a stool. I should mention that she is wearing her pink tutu and shiny flip flops on the wrong feet and is sleep deprived. Somehow she manages to get on top of the can and quickly tumbles to the ground resulting in a bloody cut down the side of her left cheek and a seriously sore face. Bless her. She tells me that instead of putting ice on it, I can kiss it and it will be all better. After many alligator tears we get everything calm enough for me to see the time. Dinner gets fixed and served, the “big girl” tea glass gets dropped and splatters all over the floor, walls, and table. Mopped it all up. Missed some spots, mopped again. Elle is happy to play on the floor, Rabun is beside herself. I get her in my lap, rock her, and sing. She passes out in my arms, it is 7:00. This go pretty well with Elle, she goes to bed, I get my bible reading in and finish Leviticus.

Thursday brings a new day. Dan is already gone, girls get up, breakfast is served. Rabun’s bag is packed for a fun day at TOPS. Dan comes to the house to get us (remember, my car and my aunt are in Augusta). Two Perdues get out of the car at Cross Point. Elle and I do some errands. Groceries come in, baby is set in the living room to play with her basket of toys. I decide to mop the kitchen once again in an attempt to clean the tea off the floor once and for all. Got that done, went on to move the vacuum into the girls’ rooms. Elle decides that the mop bucket looks fun enough to crawl at sonic speed over to it, dump it all over her and the floor, and play in the nasty water. This all took place within about 10 seconds. Fine, I will get the water up after I put her in the tub. She smells a little stinky, upon opening the diaper I assume it is just gas. I go out to get towels to get the water up with and keep seeing spots of some weird mushed up stuff on the floor. I am perplexed seeing as how I just mopped the floor. I go back to the bathroom and notice some odd yuck on the floor in there as well. Oh dear, I just found the stinky. On the bottom of my shoe. Gross. Yuck. Geeez. I once again mop the floor (4th time since dinner last night) and put the child in the bed.

It is almost noon. I feel like giggling like a crazy. My kids are amazing. My husband is incredible. My God has a sense of humor. Staying at home is a ton of fun. All I can do is chuckle and look forward to the day that things get normal. Ha.


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  1. Kelly T. / Mar 25 2011 7:42 am

    A day (or two) in the glamorous life of a mom! Love it!

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