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October 10, 2010 / jessicalynn

I love my church because…

I go to an incredible church and I would like to tell you why. It struck me today and overwhelmed me a bit to realize all of the incredible people that surround me each time I step inside the building.

Two rows behind me a man sang the chorus, “Jesus, you’re everything to me.” Over and over. What makes that so amazing, right? He has cancer, is on experimental medicine to see if it can be beaten.

In the second row of the choir stood a woman who has struggled with infertility for years. She praises God with such a sweet spirit. Four people over from her is a lady that is keeping two foreign exchange students at her house. She and her husband work hard for what they have and I have never met someone more willing to give and serve.

Missing beside me was a very special woman who would normally be chatting happily. She lost her husband suddenly this past week. Each time I have gone to try and tell her how much I hurt for her, I find that my words are inadequate and shallow in the face of so much pain. The amazing thing is that God can comfort her and pull her through this horrid period.

My husband doesn’t get to sit with me at church very often, he usually serves by taking care of the sound and technical aspects of service every week. Today it worked out where he could sit beside me, grab my hand, make me feel loved.

There are lots of reasons I could say that I wanted to share this, but I will go with the truth. Since the birth of our second child, I feel disconnected with God at times. My prayer has been that I get plugged back in. Today He opened my eyes and pointed out people that have touched my heart in so many ways. He hasn’t left me and He has always loved me even when I struggle. It is amazing to serve a God that, even though He doesn’t need me, He loves me.


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