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July 7, 2010 / Dan


On June 22-27 my father took myself along with my brother Jim and brother-in-law Michael to Córdoba, Argentina to hunt dove. Many of the people that I talked to prior to the trip asked why we would go all the way to Argentina to kill a bird you can kill right here in Georgia. The answer is sheer numbers.

Numerous Birds

In Córdoba, Argentina the eared dove (very similar to our mourning dove) is so prevelant it is considered a pest. Their main business is agriculture and the birds can do significant damage to the crops. You can literally shoot more birds in a single day than you would shoot in ten seasons in Georgia. The practice is great. You leave Argentina a much better shot than you went.





The Whole Crew

Beyond the shooting, the guides, the food and the lodging were all top-notch. We went with H & H Outfitters. After a morning of shooting, the guides would prepare us a traditional asada meal and then we would rest for a couple of hours in hammocks erected by our “bird boys” – who would be more accurately called “gun men” considering all of them were over 18 and their main job was reloading your shotgun.


The Guides, Hunters, and Bird Boys

Everybody had a good time and shot well.


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