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August 21, 2009 / Dan


It’s been a while since I updated. What’s been keeping me so busy?

Well mainly work. But of course there’s also family. And Jess and I have moved into our new house in Perry, it’s very nice and we’re liking being a lot closer to where we spend most of our time. (I’m less than four miles from work.) More details on the house to come later.

Work has been good as well. I’ve really gotten into video production and I’m having a blast with that. We’re gearing up to launch a redesigned website in the next couple of weeks, needless to say that has been taking up a lot of my time. Work is awesome though, it’s nice to be doing something I enjoy with people who share common goals and vision.

But, what has most changed since I last posted is Rabun. Of course she’s doing awesome and continuing to grow.

She is still beautiful and is starting to look more like Jess. Of course those two go hand in hand.

Rabun with Mommy on a Life Raft

She has enjoyed several trips to the lake this year and finally got used to her life jacket.

Me and Rabun, Driving the Boat

Rabun at the Lake

She went to the beautician for her “first” haircut. (We had to cut her hair around Christmas just a little bit because it was just too unruly.)

Rabun's First Haircut

She loves playing with all her other friends, especially cousins.

Kissing Cousins

She had her first birthday party…

Rabun's Cake

…with awesome cakes from Alison.

Rabun's Cakes

She enjoyed her first trip to the beach.

Rabun at the Beach

Rabun and Jess at the Beach

She enjoyed her first popcorn.

Rabun Eating Popcorn

She’s almost completely spoiled, which we’re working on.


She’s still extremely flexible.

Still Flexible

She likes to sit in her chair she got from Nana for her birthday and read her book.

Rabun in her Chair

Basically she’s completely awesome.

Rabun Laughing

There’s an update. Hopefully it won’t be eight months til the next one, but I’m not promising anything.


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  1. Marlo / Oct 25 2009 11:08 pm

    Her eyes are GORGEOUS.

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