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November 5, 2008 / Dan

Fair 2008

Every year the Perdue clan gets together for a weekend in October and we all head to the Georgia National Fair. This year, with 10 kids running around (well, some weren’t running yet), it was a blast. I finally got around to uploading some pictures and thought I would share.

The festivities started Friday night when the Ghioto clan and mom and dad spent the night at the house. Jessica had made some of her world famous chocolate chip cookies. They were enjoyed by all.

You got a little something right there.

Rabun got to hang out with her Big Buddy.

Hangin' out with the Bud

The fair is one of Jessica’s favorite things. She’s trying very hard to pass this on to Rabun, who enjoyed it, but didn’t completely understand what the fuss was all about.


We got to the fair early in the morning (good idea Mom!) so there wouldn’t be a big crowd. The big Pink Slide was probably the most popular attraction for both kids an adults.

Pink Slide

Dad & J

The fun houses were also popular.

Daddy Helps

There was of course, plenty goofing around.



Plenty of children to hold.


 Baby Patrol

Plenty of rides to ride.

 Bumper Cars


Plenty of prizes to be had.

Jack with His Loot

And generally just an awesome time with an awesome family.


Thanks for a great weekend to my family, the most awesome family on the face of the planet.

(As a side note, every year, right after we open presents and eat a big meal, we sit down and decide four times during the coming year when we will all get together as a family. I would highly recommend this to large, growing families that want to stay close. The dates may have to change, but having it on the calendar is better than not.)



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  1. Betsy / Nov 10 2008 12:12 pm

    I am missing all of you very much! I’m even missing all the young ones I haven’t even met yet! Must do something about this:):):)

  2. Dan / Nov 10 2008 1:16 pm

    I know, we have got to do something about getting Rabun to see her NC family!

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