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August 23, 2008 / Dan

Two Months

Rabun is now almost a week past two months old. She’s growing so fast, starting to smile, and a personality is starting to emerge.


She’s even cute when she’s not happy.

Not Happy

She’s starting to get stronger, and she really enjoys her Bumbo…

Happy in the Bumbo

…even when she can’t hold her head up.


Her favorite place is her swing and she loves her soft and frilly blanket.

Favorite Place + Favorite Blanket

There’s still the occasional suprise.

Daddy's Suprise

She really loves her mommy.

Jess and Rabun

She’s got some crazy hair occasionally.

Almost Asleep

And she’s so cute when she sleeps.



She really enjoys bath time as well.

After Bath Time

There’s an update on Rabun. And there’s some more pics on Flickr.


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  1. Jessica / Aug 25 2008 9:22 am

    She is so amazing and special, she is truly a miracle. You make an awesome daddy.

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