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June 17, 2008 / Dan


I’ve been very busy over the last three or so months. And I know that’s no excuse for the things I’ve let fall through the cracks. Everyone is busy. But it seems I’ve been busier than usual. 

Through all the busyness, it’s been nice to bring some things to a close (while many, many others continue to go unfinished). We launched the new website at work, that’s been the main thing that’s been keeping me busy. Now that people have seen it they of course have other feature requests and things they’d like to see, so there’s still plenty to do.

One of the main things that’s been consuming some of my time is getting ready for the baby. And there we come to the reason for tonight’s (long overdue) post.

Jessica went to the doctor this morning. Turns out she’s already dilated a little bit. Also, her Bishop score was very good and the last sonogram we had put her due date at June 21 instead of July 1. 

The doctor suggested inducing tomorrow and of course Jessica, after getting over the shock, agreed. We’re to report to the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. I haven’t gotten up that early except for anything but hunting in a long time. (Aside: Jessica’s doctor is not a doctor who will induce simply because it’s convenient for your schedule or because you’re a little uncomfortable. We were truly very shocked that she was the one who suggested inducing.)

We’re both very excited and have been scurrying around this afternoon trying to get everything ready. 

I’m very excited to get some closure on this pregnancy. Not because it’s been particularly rough on me and Jessica has handled everything beautifully. I’m ready to finally meet the little person we’ve been waiting on for nine months. I’m ready to touch a little foot without a wall of skin in between. I’m ready to start our next phase of life. I’m ready not so much for closure, but for a new beginning.

Jessica and I are anxiously anticipating tomorrow. She’s very apprehensive about everything to come and I know she’ll do a great job.


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  1. Patrick Gillen / Jun 17 2008 7:11 pm

    We’re so excited for you guys… it’s such a fun time! Mel hit her due date and then asked to be induced… and it’s not that bad. Actually for us, we preferred it because we didn’t have to rush out the door for the birth – we took our time.

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