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March 19, 2008 / jessicalynn

Fudgesicles = 98% Fat Free

I hear the freezer open last night, hear it shut. I know what is in there, it is one of Dan’s favorite snacks. We went to Sam’s this past weekend and got a big box of ever fabulous fudgesicles.

As he comes into the kitchen area I turn to see him opening the wrapper and ask exactly how many of those he has consumed today. Without missing a beat he tells me this particular one will make three and that it is okay because they are 98% fat free. Then he goes on to say, “They can’t be too bad, the first ingredient on the list is water.”

So, if any of you are looking for a “can’t be too bad” snack, Dan would be happy to recommend fudgesicles!

(Before he calls me out on the blog, I will tell you that I am completely addicted to milkshakes here lately. I love to have one in the evenings, but I feel it is okay because it is a dairy product and has to be good for the baby!)


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  1. Patrick Gillen / Mar 19 2008 11:56 am

    Mel used to tell me that she wanted Ice Cream while pregnant because it was good for the baby. I asked her how one day and she said, “well, dairy helps infertility, so I figured…” :)

    I just eat marshmallows and tell her they’re fat free! (but not sugar free)

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