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December 19, 2007 / jessicalynn

The Great Chase

As Dan and I were getting ready this morning for work, we had a little “adventure.”

Dan let the dogs out and came back to the room to finish getting ready.  Not a minute later we hear the dogs barking at something outside.  Now this isn’t a completely abnormal occurrence so I didn’t think too much about it until they came around the side of the house to where we could see them out the bay window on the side of our room.  I turned my head fully expecting to see Roy chasing after Babe, but was surprised to say the least when it was Roy chasing after Oreo…the HEIFER.

Dan flew into clothes, went outside and grabbed some feed.  I went to the front door to get Roy in the house so he wouldn’t be tempted to chase the heifer any further then headed to the back yard to collect Babe and put her up.  Luckily Oreo did a pretty good job following Dan with the bucket of feed back into the fenced area.

Oh, life at the Perdue house, it is certainly never boring!


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  1. Allison / Dec 19 2007 9:36 am

    I love it how adventures with dogs always seem to happen in the morning (usually as I’m just about to walk out the door) :-)

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