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December 17, 2007 / Dan


Jessica went to the doctor for another check up for THE PREGNANCY and we thought it was just going to be a standard appointment, nothing special.

As it turns out, this was the MOST AWESOMEST APPOINTMENT EVER.

Jessica’s not very far along (12 weeks) so they couldn’t hear a heart beat with a stethoscope and they decided to do a sonogram. And of course, I wasn’t there. I WASN’T THERE.

I was at a seminar for work since I didn’t believe that anything special was happening at this appointment and I thought Jessica could handle it alone. (Or with her mother, who decided to go with her.)

I missed it. I missed our baby’s arms flailing around and him taking swimming practice around the U. I’m really excited that Jessica and her mom got to see it, but really disappointed that I didn’t.

Hate I missed the swimming and squirming. And seeing our baby’s arms for the first time.


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