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August 14, 2007 / Dan

A Pizza Odyssey

Ever since I watched Alton Brown make homemade pizza I wanted to try it. When I mentioned the possibility to Jessica, she seemed very excited about it as well. I decided to give it a shot with Alton’s recipe.

It didn’t work.

I don’t know if I didn’t get the water warm enough for the yeast, if I kneaded it too long in the mixer, or just what. After I left it in the fridge for the 24 hours and it didn’t rise I gave it a shot on the counter to rise and nothing ever came of it. Still a hard, dense, non-pliable ball.

I was not deterred. I had seen that the ball wasn’t really rising in the fridge and so I looked up a replacement recipe. I found this one. Since the title was “Easy Pizza Dough” and it would only take 45 minutes to rise it looked ok. I already had all the ingredients. I even decided to substitute the Alton-recommended bread flour for the regular all purpose flour.

Turns out corn season started this week, which meant Jessica was getting home late, which meant the pressure was off of me to produce something early and on time.

I followed the instructions for the dough recipe, and while it was (hopefully) rising I began to put together this recipe for the sauce. Again with a recipe with “Way Easy” in the title you can’t mess a whole lot up. Since the kitchen was already a mess, I even substituted garlic powder for the minced garlic.

I had picked up Sargento’s mixed mozzarella and provolone shredded cheese at Publix earlier in the day. I knew I was going to have my hands full with the dough, so I didn’t want to waste time grating cheese.

I didn’t have a pizza peel (the thing pizzerias use to put the pizza in the oven and get it out). I used the smooth side of one of my wood cutting boards to put it in, and managed to use this to get the pizzas out.

Pizza Peel

That’s right, if you don’t have a pizza peel, a splatter guard with a little extra support from the other hand can help you get your pizza off your stone.

Well the pizzas turned out… great actually. I was kind of surprised and didn’t have high hopes, but they were actually really good.

Homemade Pizza

This pizza came out beautiful, and was really good. I ended up scarfing half of it down while waiting for this one to come out.

Homemade Pizza

The second one stuck to the cutting board a little bit more when I was trying to get it into the oven. I think because I had made it a little early. When we do this again I’ll wait for the first pizza to come out of the oven before I even begin to make the second one, that will give the oven some time to reheat as well.

Of course, considering I didn’t have high hopes, I was very interested in what Jessica would say. Turns out she liked them too. I was really surprised. And she managed to find another benefit. Sometimes, when she eats tomato products, including the sauce on pizza, her tongue goes crazy, gets really irritated, and she can’t eat any more stuff like that for a couple of days. She says it’s worth it most of the time, but it’s still an inconvenience. This time, however, no problems with the tongue. Looks like this may replace frozen pizza as our “we don’t have anything else to eat” meal.



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  1. Jessica / Aug 14 2007 10:21 am

    It was very good and I truly appreciate you making it. After a long day, a good looking husband and a great meal are nice to come home to! :)

  2. Dan / Aug 14 2007 12:38 pm

    Where do you go to see a good looking husband?

  3. Jessica / Aug 14 2007 1:13 pm

    Do you really want me to answer that question?! ;)

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