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June 18, 2007 / Dan

Corn is Here

Jessica got the call today from my Uncle that the corn was ready. Corn was a big past time for both of us growing up.

Corn… was a past time?

That’s right. Corn was (and in many ways still is) an event for us. You didn’t just eat corn, you did corn. Doing corn was when you got together with the family and you “put up” thousands of ears of corn. By the end of the day, you had corn (both on the cob and creamed) enough for the whole year, maybe more, in your freezer. We would have corn two and sometimes three nights a week at my house. The schucks pile was taller than I am now. And there were coveted jobs as well. One person would get to cut the ends off, and others would shuck. Still others would silk, while someone was inside blanching.

Jessica and I, of course, scale this tradition back. We only got about 250 ears, and dropped a couple of dozen at her parent’s house. This will be enough for us to make it through the harsh winter down here in Georgia, thanks to modern refrigeration technology. Jessica will be taking the corn to the canning plant at the local high school in the morning, another modern luxury. This time of year it’s manned by summer school students. There, they’ll do in about half the time what we used to do, and we’ll gladly pay them for the convenience.


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  1. Jessica / Jun 19 2007 2:45 pm

    For a whole $8.04 we were able to get 14 dozen ears of corn blanched and bagged and 5 dozen ears made into creamed corn. Yippee!

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