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December 20, 2006 / jessicalynn

The Married Life

Is absolutely awesome! Right around two weeks and a half weeks ago, Dan and I said, “I do.” Everything since then has been an absolute dream. We have just about settled into the house, we have a bit further to go until everything is “officially” set up and put away, but we are managing pretty well. I never knew that I would have so much fun being married, but it has been the most enjoyable thing in the world. Dan is an awesome man and I am very fortunate to have him. I tease him sometimes about introducing him as my “life partner” which would be hilarioius, but I don’t know that he would appreciate my humor out in public.

The first weekend we were back in the States we were able to go see our new nephew that had just been born on Thursday, December 14th. His name is Judd and he is just perfect. If we count all of our nieces and nephews, it puts us at nine which seems like a lot, but is actually just a great deal of fun.

Dan and I are really looking forward to sharing our first Christmas together, which is only a few short days away! It will be tons of fun to get together with all of our family!


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  1. Josh / Dec 20 2006 1:36 pm

    The first one is great and so are the rest. Congratulations.

    One of the traditions my wife and I started on our very first Christmas was to buy a “First Christmas” ornament for the tree. We’ve gotten something special every year since–especially on years when we’ve got new babies in the house. It just makes it that much more special getting them out every year.

    May the Lord bless your marriage this and every year…

    “…the word of God is not bound.”
    –2 Timothy 2:9

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