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November 16, 2006 / Dan

Days Left

There are now only about 16 days left til the wedding. Jessica and I are excited as ever. We really can’t wait. When people ask me if I’m nervous, I don’t really know what to say. I’m not really nervous, more anxious, ready to do it. I feel like our engagement, as wonderful as it has been, has been 10 years rather than 10 months.

Despite the fact that there’s still a few loose ends to tie up, I think if the wedding were tomorrow, everything would be in place. Jessica’s done a great job making sure that everything is planned perfectly, and she had many people (including me on many occasions) to please. All the showers are done, her “bachelorette party” is this weekend, and despite the fact that we’ve tried to leave the last couple of weeks before the wedding open, things have gotten pushed in there. We’ve got the Harvest Ball this weekend in Atlanta. I just realized yesterday that next weekend is Thanksgiving. And despite us turning down box seats for the UGA vs. Tech game (yes, we’re crazy) so the we could hold that weekend open, Jessica’s going to let me go duck hunting that morning (I think she’s hoping that I’ll finally get one mounted).

Needless to say, despite having all the major things done for the wedding, we’re still quite busy, but it’s a good busy. We’re both very excited and can’t wait for December 2 to be here.



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  1. Jessica / Nov 16 2006 11:42 am

    How did you guess my real reason for wanting you to go hunting? Love you!

  2. uthdude / Nov 16 2006 2:37 pm

    Julie and I (And the REST of SBC) are sooooo excited for you! We need to pick a time to go over the ceremony when y’all have a moment to breathe. As I said, if y’all have something you specifically want, that’s great. If not, give me a general idea and I’ll put something together. It’s YOUR wedding and I want you two to be happy with it. I love you two and am very honored to be included in your special day! Philip. 1:3

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