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November 15, 2006 / Dan

On the Election

Despite what happened on a national scale. I was pleased with what happened in Georgia, especially in Dad’s race. We could have knocked off a couple of more incumbents (I was especially cheering for Gary Black) but to keep all incumbents and to win all the open seats on a statewide level sends a clear signal.

I’m glad the election is over. This was definitely the nastiest campaign that dad’s ever been part of, not so much on his side (I would say that the “King Rat” video was much worse than the “Pinocchio” commercial) but from the opposition. Mark Taylor not only accused dad of using his office for financial gain, but also accused him of neglecting the children of this state, something that, if you know my parents, you know isn’t true. Ultimately though, the people of Georgia sent a clear message that they value strong, principle-centered leadership over cheap, election-time grand-standing and sent a clear mandate with dad receiving 58% of the vote.

Election night was fun, and a lot shorter than four years ago. As the numbers continued to roll in and dad stayed above 60% it became increasingly obvious that the numbers were just so strong that Mark wasn’t going to be able to catch up. Even then, most of us speculated ending up around 55%, which was my prediction a few days before the election. I think only Mom had actually predicted that Mark would be below 40%. It was a fun night, and well deserved for dad and mom and the campaign staff that worked very hard.

Of course the morning after we had to also take in and deal with the national scene and what was happening to the Senate and Congress. I really hoped for different, but I can say I’m not surprised. Republicans have been running not on superior ideas, but simply on being superior for a long time, and it finally came back and bit them. You can’t run on the platform of moral superiority while doing some of the things that republicans have been caught doing. And even if you are superior, you still have to introduce ideas that move the country forward and encourage people to vote for you. When the only campaign promise you can make is that you won’t vote for Nacy Pelosi for Speaker (and yes, I heard basically that exact quote from on Republican running) doesn’t that show you how bankrupt of honestly good ideas that you are? I’m not saying that I’m happy with the situation, I’m not saying I’m one of the voters who wanted to “send a signal” with my vote, what I’m saying is that Republicans were held accountable for their utter lack of action. Utlimately, people are more concerned about how their tax dollars are being spent and what’s going on with Social Security and Iraq than they are with whether or not your for or against embryonic stem cell research. And that’s not saying that the majority of people are for withdrawal from Iraq. They’d just like to know what’s going on, what the plan is, and what we’re doing to change the situation how it is right now. You can blame the liberal media all you want, but when you control both Houses of Congress and the White House, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your message out to the public. The problem is you’ve got to have a message. Many of the republicans that weren’t elected, didn’t have a message. And if people don’t like what’s happening, they’re not going to send someone to fix it who doesn’t have a clear plan.

OK, sorry for the rant about the national stuff… back to Georgia.

The people (and they are out there) who said that dad didn’t run a good campaign are idiots, that’s really the only way to say it. You don’t get 58% of the statewide vote in Georgia without running a good campaign. It wasn’t about how much money he had. It wasn’t about how bad his opponent was. It wasn’t the fact that Georgia’s now a “red state.” It’s the fact that he went on a 40 city bus tour the week before the election. He got out, just like he did four years ago, and met Georgians all over the state. He had the money to run the commercials, and he ran them, but he didn’t rest on them. He still ran a solid grass roots campaign. Just this time they had enough money that people didn’t have to bring homemade signs to the rallies.

Now… onto the Wedding… Hip-Hip-Hooray!


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