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March 7, 2006 / Dan

Cinta Roja de la Iglesia

Why is it that churches will allow you to minister (help, teach, work) all day long, but the moment you would like to use the facility for something (say a wedding), you have to have all your paperwork in line and go through the gauntlet to ensure that you’re not going to have a keg party in the fellowship hall?

I understand that every organization has rules, but normally those rules are applied in an even manner. I don’t understand how you can see fit to ask someone to participate in this function and help with that function, but you’re unsure if they’re worthy enough to get married in your church. Why would you ask someone to represent or participate with you in ministry when you’re not even sure enough of their character to ensure that they won’t embarrass you at a wedding?

It’s a mystery.


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