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January 28, 2006 / Dan

A Question

I’ve heard of many pastors saying that HIV/AIDS is God’s punishment for homosexuality.

I’ve never heard anyone say that heart disease was God’s punishment for gluttony.

Have you?


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  1. Mike Davis / Feb 8 2006 11:43 pm

    Well, no.

    However, in my humble mind, both of those statements to be considered reasonable have to stand up to the question “Do innocent people get HIV/AIDS or drop dead of heart attacks?” Of course, anyone who understands the concept of AIDS baby will say yes the innocent are afflicted.

    Clearly, the same logic applies to heart disease. Jim Fixx, a very fit, avid runner dropped dead of a heart attack.

    Bad things happen to good people and, from my perspective, the Bible is clear on this matter; it has nothing to do with Divine punishment. I think God is above that.

    Glad to see you have a job.

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