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January 25, 2006 / Dan


I finally got around to watching Return of the King, the final movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy about a week ago and I was very impressed.

It is by far the best of the trilogy. In the other two movies, especially the second (The Two Towers), I had trouble keeping up with diverging and intersecting story lines. With this movie, despite the fact that there were far more story lines, I was able to keep them all straight.

The characters were also far more developed in this film. Instead of you just getting a glimpse of the personality and nature of each character, you really delve into the characters in a much deeper fashion, especially the Fellowship. It’s interesting to see characters such as Merry and Pippin be developed from simply supporting characters into very rich personalities of their own.

Over all, I thought the graphics and the story line of this movie both far outweighed the preceding two as well. I appreciate very much the fact that I’ve gotten to watch the extended versions of all the movies as my first viewing, which I would recommend to anyone. While four hours is a good bit to invest in a single film, getting to see everything that Peter Jackson really wanted in the film is actually quite worth it. I split the film over two nights and it was excellent.

I think that this is a great movie and that LOTR will be the Star Wars of a new generation.


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