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January 3, 2006 / Dan

The Chronic(WHAT!)les of Narnia!

As you can tell, I took a little unscheduled break from bloggin’ my hear out over the holidays to spend some time with family. My holidays were awesome, getting to see all the youngins’ and the oldins’ and all the good food.

One of the best things about my holiday was going to the movies with Jessica to see The Chronicles of Narnia. It completely rocked my face off. It was really some of the best computer generated graphics I have ever seen in any movie, no matter what the subject matter. While these graphics weren’t revolutionary (ala The Matrix) they were realistic, which I think is a refreshing change from trying completely new things.

The story line is also very good, and you can see a lot of symbolism if you are well versed in the Christian faith. I found myself crying at some points, which I haven’t done in a movie since like Rudy. That little guys determination always got to me.

Also, if you don’t exacly get the title of this post, you should really check out Lazy Sunday. It not only is pretty hilarious, it’s also the best thing SNL has put out in this decade, of course closely followed by the iPod Inviso.


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  1. patrick Gillen / Jan 8 2006 4:18 pm

    congrats webmaster!!

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