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October 29, 2005 / Dan

Free Love on the Free Love Freeway

One of the things I’ve loved about my Netflix account is catching up on old TV series or movies that I’ve never been exposed to but somehow have run across and they seem like I would like them. The Office has definitely been one of these finds.

Before Netflix, I had never even heard of The Office, but it has truly been joy to watch and experience. It’s a British mockumentary a genre that I’ve always enjoyed, but being a TV series, rather than a movie, makes it a lot easier to fill that role very well. Be warned, it’s not exactly safe for the kids and does contain some vulgarity, but the comedy is perfect. The combination of a boss he thinks he’s everybody’s friend while he’s really a jerk (David Kent), an employee that takes his job way to seriously and is mocked by his colleagues (Gareth), and the couple who are great friends that you root to get together the whole series (Tim and Dawn) makes for a great series. It was good enough to earn two Golden Globe awards, even as a BBC Two series. I’m not surprised it won, it’s just that good.

If you get a chance and don’t mind a little bit of adult humor, you should really check it out. And be sure watch the whole thing, trust me it’s worth it. The last scene in the last episode of the The Office Special had this wonderful song in it that I had stuck in my head the last couple of days. I finally found out that it was Yaz’s Only You. It’s a wonderful song and now that I’ve finally got it I can listen to it to get it out of my head.

It’s peculiar how you find things that interest you isn’t it? What’s something that you’ve been surprised to find and you actually loved it?


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  1. pat gillen / Nov 1 2005 7:29 pm

    i have heard and seen the british show… but never seen it. i’m glad to hear a good review. i’ll have to check it out.
    the american version is hilarious.

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